The Karate Academy

Online Karate Training

Visit our online training resource.

Our online training resource is useful to all practitioners and offers insights into possible applications for the kihon and kata found in many syllabus. Not restricted to any single “style”, the intention is to examine and unlock the classical movements and encourage the student to look more deeply at the applied function.

From basics to forms we will analyse a myriad of possibilities and video presentations will include:

  • Applied Basics/kihon
  • Naihanchi/Tekki Shodan
  • The Pinan/Heian series
  • Passai/Bassai-Dai
  • Wanshu/Empi
  • Kushanku/Kanku-Dai
  • Rohai
  • Niseishi/Nijushiho
  • Chinto
  • Jion 
  • Jitte 


We also offer distance learning for different groups in the form of live interactive webinars and workshops. From 2:1 personal training, small groups to multi dojo webinars, sessions can cover any element of a syllabus and are not restricted by style or association.

Webinars will be recorded live and an edited version made available to course participants as a reference resource. Non participants will be able to purchase recordings via our website.

Please contact the Karate Academy for details.