Don Came Karate


Are you looking for an activity that will continually challenge you physically and mentally? Something that will give you a sense of achievement as you progress and improve? Something that will help you develop coping mechanisms to deal with life’s stresses?

If you are prepared to rise to the challenge, I can help reach your goal and beyond!

At the Karate Academy we provide the facility to train in not only an extremely effective personal protection system within an enjoyable and nurturing environment but also the ability to connect your mind and body in a way that virtually no other activity or exercise can.

We do not teach karate as a sport, it as an holistic practice for those with martial arts experience as well as the novice or complete beginner looking for something “more” from their martial arts practice!

I am committed to teaching quality martial arts and expect that commitment to be reflected by our members. For this reason I strongly recommend a minimum of two classes a week with home practice (think of it as homework), optimising skill development and motivation. When a student starts to see and feel the results of their commitment the sense of achievement is undeniable.


The Kissaki Method offers both physiological and psychological benefits for the student, and our structured programme will ensure that you get the best from your training.

Practice is predominantly partner based providing a much deeper learning curve than the typical method found in “traditional” schools. Partner based training gives you immediate feedback – in short you will learn the fundamental principles much more quickly.

Check out the Karate Academy timetable to find a suitable class for you and contact us to book in for a free trial.

Membership is by invitation and classes are kept small – a maximum of 10 in a class – to ensure the best possible learning experience for each student. You can register your interest by email or call 07952 670349.

Distance learning via Zoom is also available with regular classes. You can also book online 1-2-1, 2-2-1 and small group training, just click on the link for details:  Online Karate Training

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