The Karate Academy

1-2-1 Karate Training

High graded martial artists from all over the UK and Europe choose to have regular 1-2-1 sessions with the Karate Academy’s senior Instructor Don Came because the Kissaki-Kai  is not just another “school” of karate – it is a principle based system that can enhance any discipline. Why not check out our testimonials page to see what some of our students and course participants think.

Alternatively you might be an existing student preparing for a belt test and feel the need for some extra tuition, or perhaps you work shifts and can’t commit to classes in the evening but have some free time during the day. Maybe you just prefer 1-2-1 tuition to working in a group.

What ever your reasons, we offer you the very best instruction – not just in Karate but in a number of disciplines that will challenge you and  help you stay focused and goal oriented.

At the Karate Academy cross training has long been advocated so why not come and see us?