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Kissaki-Kai Karate
Kissaki is a return to the original concepts and aims of the art of Karate.

Kissaki-Kai was founded by Sensei Vince Morris 9th dan in March 1993 at the behest of senior black belts who had become disillusioned with what the “traditional” karate schools had to offer in the terms of “real” fighting techniques.

Kissaki-Kai has taken Karate back to its origins, past the point-scoring sports forms, and right back to the art of self-defence it once was.

Kissaki teaches the fundamental 5 elements of Combat.

  1. Ne-waza – Groundwork, grappling
  2. Nage-waza – Throwing techniques
  3. Atemi waza – Vital point strikes
  4. Shime-waza – Choking techniques
  5. Kansetsu-waza – Joint locking techniques

The application of these waza are guided by the Rules of Combat and the bunkai (applications) hidden in the ancient kata.


ISOK was formed by a small group of high-ranking karate-ka with impeccable training backgrounds, it is a non profit democratic organization set up to support legitimate black belt practitioners and instructors from the Okinawan and Japanese karate systems. ISOK assesses rank based on the international standards of the Dai Nippon Butokukai and the Martial Arts Federation. Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years and hold a legitimate dan grade in an Okinawan or Japanese based system. For more details please visit the ISOK web site.