Don Came Karate

Head, Shoulders, Knees and….. Toes?


OK, the title may read a bit odd but the idea is to share some thoughts on the “weaponising” – I hate that word by the way – of the various body parts. Pretty much any body part actually!

The premise is to take a kihon exercise or kata sequence and without changing the structure, to study each sequence deeply. Make sure that you look at each part in context, which is to say consider its function in a personal protection setting. The basic shape – or template if you prefer – of the kihon or kata segment is just an outline, eventually you can work out ways to “flesh it out” by adding what is specifically your own…. strikes within strikes if you will.

Headbutts, shoulder bumps, knee strikes, stamps and trips can all add depth to a sequence, but be careful not to add too much to the mix. Stay within the frame and anything that increases the “running time” of an application will adversely effect its outcome.

Once you have the shape, move away from the ichi-ni-san approach and focus on the fluidity – and at no point do you stop moving!

Personally I find that if I am solo drilling a sequence a shadow boxing approach helps and the occasional filming of the practice (solo and partner based) can provide important feedback. You might be surprised how different things can actually look to how you think that they look (especially in the early stages).

As a footnote consider this – the saying is “practice makes perfect”, so practice every chance that you get – you may not get perfection but it will certainly bring you closer!