Don Came Karate


Congratulations to Stephen Pook on passing his 3rd dan exam on Sunday the 7th of May 2017. Steve trains at the Karate Academy Eastbourne as well as teaching in Burgess Hill West Sussex and always leads from the front. Great job Steve, keep up the great work!

Jeff Tasker achieved Shodan showing great spirit and determination. Jeff has been taking 1:1 tuition at the Karate Academy Eastbourne as well as regularly attending classes at Steve Pook’s Burgess Hill dojo for a number of years now and always gives 100%. Congratulations Jeff – now the real work begins!

Finally congratulations to Gary Maunder on achieving 7th kyu. Gary is one of Stephen Pook’s students and particularly impressive in that he was due to go in for a knee operation the day after his grading. Many would have put back the date of the test until after the operation but not Gary – Well done!