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I was in the Military Police for 5 years and would have benefited greatly if this training was available to me then. The tuition was excellent, well explained with clear demonstrations which were broken down to aid learning

Richard G

On behalf of my group I would like to thank you for the excellent seminar yesterday. We all came away having learned loads and with much to practice. Great bunch of guys too. Looking forward to the next one

Stuart A

The training was delivered clearly and to the point. Excellent course content

Nicholas I

I've trained with Don for a number of years, his knowledge and passion for karate is unsurpassed. I came to the Academy after training in a different style and was made to feel very welcome. I would thoroughly recommend a visit.

Jon T

Have been going to the Karate Academy for about 8 months doing kettlebell training for fitness, strengthening core muscles. Within this time I have achieved and exceeded my goals, which is down to the the Academy instructor Don's knowledge, support and teaching skills. I had to laugh when my wife said I looked great, she said I have the face of a 50 year old and the body of a 20 year old. I am now addicted to training and would highly recommend it.

Jon S

Small classes, great tuition, safe and friendly environment..... simply the best!

Kayhan E

After practicing several martial arts at different times over a number of years and sustaining many injuries I stopped training. Nearly two decades later I resumed training with Sensei Don Came. Over the last 18 months I have attended twice monthly "tutorials" at the Academy and started to develop my understanding of kihon, kata and applications in the Kissaki way. This is not marching up and down the dojo trying to perform high kicks. This is real applied Karate. Sensei Don's approach to teaching is first class. I recommend the Karate Academy without reservation.

Jeff T

If you want more from your karate class than mindlessly marching up and down punching and kicking the air, come here! Sensei Came teaches self-defence that actually works, even when you're not big and strong. Speaking of which - you can also get an excellent workout and train in kettlebells. Highly recommended!

Eva M

I have been part of applied karate in Eastbourne for over ten years and have watched it develop from a purely karate based system into something that offers a true representation of an academy. It now covers a whole range of activities linked to a true martial system. There are now classes available to develop strength, stamina and general well-being. One of the major factors that keeps me coming back is the friendliness and welcoming attitude within the Academy: everyone involved in the Academy, whether it be instructors or students, are always willing to help and contribute to the development of all those who participate.

Stephen P

I've trained with Don for a few years now, having been in martial arts for 30 years. Meeting Don was something I wish I had done earlier. He's advanced my understanding of many of the principles of martial arts and body structure and dynamics. His knowledge is second to none and his teaching style is very inclusive. I'd recommend Don for both beginners and experienced martial artists, any level of student will benefit massively from his instruction.

Jon S

Don is an instructor of the highest skill and integrity, one couldn't ask for a better dojo to train at. He's been a friend and teacher to me for about fifteen years, helping me make the shift from Shotokan logic to that of "old style" karate. On top of which he is a constantly friendly face and a voice of reason for martial artists of all denominations.

Mick G 7th dan Chief Instructor, Meikai Dojo

I would highly recommend this dojo for anyone thinking of learning a martial art or experienced and looking for something more practical and functional. This is Karate with techniques that work right from day one. Don is brilliant at showing you how to apply this art efficiently and effectively which makes it suitable for any person, at any fitness level, regardless of experience. My karate gets better and better and keeps me coming back for more!

Russell L

You might walk into any martial art dojo, on spec as a beginner, or to rekindle an interest, or to learn practical self-defence, if you happen by chance into this dojo, you are extremely lucky, if you arrived here by design you will have either received a genuine recommendation from a good friend, or as a result of good research.

Gearoid S

Sensei Don Came gives excellent karate instruction using techniques that really work. The club is welcoming and a joy to train in. I train regularly in London but make the effort to get to his Eastbourne dojo whenever I can.

Alistair D

Don is a highly experienced karate instructor who continues to develop his understanding of functional karate, providing his students with an inspirational and fun learning environment. I would highly recommend his Eastbourne Karate Academy to anyone wishing to learn karate as a beginner or advanced practice.

Mary T

My daughter has been going to the Karate Academy in Eastbourne for 2 years. She has done numerous different activities over the last 7 years, but none that she has enjoyed as much or wanted to maintain. Don's consistent encouragement and passion for karate is exceptional and I would recommend him highly as an instructor for anyone of any age who is interested in taking karate up.

Liz S

Not being a gym kind of person I was recommended to try kettle-bells with Don Came. Located in Eastbourne Town Centre which was very convenient for me finishing work.
A one on one lesson was offered to start which I found a great and put me at ease going into a class with others.
Very friendly class atmosphere where you can work hard but at your chosen level.
I'm seeing the results and wish I could attend more. Love it.

Toby M

Since karate is a great passion of my life, I can say nothing else than that I am happy and grateful to have Don as my teacher. This makes traveling from Sweden to Eastbourne into a very small inconvenience and I strongly recommend anyone who has interest in developing his/hers karate to visit the Karate Academy of Eastbourne!

Don Came succeeds splendidly with the not so easy task to teach very advanced karate, both healthy and profound to children and beginners as well as advanced karatekas. His dojo offers everything from effective self defence to physical exercise in the form of kettlebells and pilates.

Johannes Regell – Kissaki-Kai Sweden

Just finished a two hour private session reviewing the different uses of fundamental technique. If you're interested in enhancing the functionality of every aspect of your karate you need to look him (Don Came) up. Don Sensei is without a doubt, one of the best and most knowledgeable Instructors within the UK and Europe. I can't wait till my next session!

Gabriel Van Rel

Great sessions in small groups, one of the best Sensei's I have been with! Highly recommended.

Jose Santiago

Don is one of the best, most competent and most knowledgeable sensei, and we are proud to have him as the Chief Instructor for Kissaki-Kai in the UK....

Vince Morris Hanshi, 9th Dan