Don Came Karate

About The Karate Academy

Sensei Don Came

Chief Instructor
BSc (Hon's), 7th dan Kyoshi, LETS (UK) certified instructor

Don Came has been actively involved in the martial arts since 1976. He has acted as a civilian instructor for a Metropolitan Police Karate club and taught successful self defence courses for the Crime Prevention Office in South London.
He has a BSc (Hon's) in Exercise Science from Brighton University and he was a key member of the renowned International Institute of Kyusho Research (IIKR). He has had a number of articles published on the application of kata and is the author of the popular DVD "the Kissaki Method".
Don has collaborated with the Eastbourne Borough Council to develop a pilot scheme for a youth protection programme aimed at helping young people who have been victims of, or are considered at risk of, physical violence.
In demand as a freelance physical intervention consultant, Don has provided specialised training courses for companies in the private sector. He was honoured to be awarded the title of Kyoshi (Professor) by the International Society of Okinawan/Japanese Karate in September 2016.

Kayhan Etebar

Associate Instructor
1st dan Kissaki-Kai, BAWLA certified, FA training award

Kayhan has years of experience as a football coach and is a strength & conditioning coach who has trained with BAWLA (the British Amateur Weightlifting Association). His interest in the martial arts began while coaching football and he started training in earnest in 1999 when he joined the Kissaki-Kai.
Kay has a Mixed Martial Arts background which includes training in Karate, BJJ and kick boxing/Muay Thai.
He has worked closely with Sensei Don Came and the Eastbourne Borough Council on the development of the Youth Protection Programme and he has trained in Belgium and the USA.
Kay has developed our "Fighting Fit" circuits based on his wealth of coaching and martial arts experience.

Steve Pook

Associate Instructor
3rd dan Kissaki-Kai

Steve has been actively involved in sport since an early age covering a broad spectrum which has included amateur boxing (7-15) at Rosehill and Croydon ABA affiliated clubs. He has represented school, club and county level at athletics (AAA) and swimming (ASA). Steve also played association football and rugby at Senior and Representative levels. He "discovered" karate in his mid-forties and feels that starting a martial art in later life has many benefits, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in combative, full contact sport which enhances his teaching practice.
As well as assisting at the Karate Academy Eastbourne, Steve also runs his own dojo in Burgess Hill, West Sussex.

Russel Langley

Associate Instructor
2nd dan Kissaki-Kai

Russell has been training with the Kissaki-Kai for a number of years and currently is prepairing to take his Sandan grade. He assists with teaching the junior karate sessions and is always keen to improve his knowledge whether it be stand up, ground work or weapons training