The Karate Academy

Junior Karate Training

Our Karate Kids programme (7-14 years) is challenging and fun, raising self awareness and introducing basic principles of self-defence from within the Kissaki-Kai framework. Through games, karate practice and Q&A we develop the students spatial awareness, confidence and communication skills – all important life skills for a developing child!

We also offer a Family Karate programme – it’s great fun and parent and child can learn together. All the benefits of the Karate Kids programme still apply and you can help each other when practicing at home!

Booking a place on our innovative programmes couldn’t be easier, just let us know when you would like to start. We do restrict the number of students in each class so don’t leave it too long before you call.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Important Guidelines for Parents and Carers

It is our aim to ensure that every child that trains at the Karate Academy Eastbourne is provided with the very best learning experience that we can offer and to achieve that we need your help.

  • Every student will have a copy of the syllabus listing belt/grade requirements with key words and commands in English and Japanese to aid learning.
  • Read through the syllabus with your child, this will improve their confidence in class and it will give you an appreciation of what is expected of them.
  • Most pages in the syllabus have a notes section in which to write down any questions that you may have.
  • Encourage them to tell you what they have done in class. Try to find out what they did/didn’t like and why – and let us know!
  • We set intermediate goals (or tags) that must be achieved between belt tests. Each tag represents just just technical competence but also attitude, effort, ability to work with their peers and attendance (commitment) – all important life skills! The awarding of tags is no small thing and students and parents should be proud of the achievement.
  • Belt test are held approximately every 2-months (though students should not expect to grade every time – generally the higher the grade the longer the time between belt tests).
  • Try to watch a class from time to time, but remember that space is tight and noise should be kept to a minimum so as not to distract the students.
  • The more a student can train the more they will learn. Aim for two classes a week on average with a little home practice and remember that they will need your support and encouragement to continue.

Thank you for taking the time to read our guidelines. We strive to do the very best for all of our students and the greatest compliment that you can pay is to recommend the Karate Academy Eastbourne to your friends.

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